How to Make a First Impression Online: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Saying

The first impression that you make with a lady is extremely important in the USA, and it’s going to be just as important when you’re talking to her online. That’s why the right dating messages sent out can end up making or breaking that deal from the beginning, and knowing how to start a conversation can really end up changing things in your favor. That’s what our guide is for–we can give you the tips that have always been able to get us going strong on a legit dating site like

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You need to start that conversation off right.

By knowing how to break the ice, more or less, you’re going to end up really impressing her and getting on her good side. You don’t want to just end up putting her off from day one, and that’s why that first message that you send her is going to end up telling her a lot about you. Whether it’s long, short, rambling, or obnoxious, she’s going to know a ton, and you don’t want to end up coming off as someone she doesn’t want to talk to. Let us help you.

Take note of the length.

The length of your first message to her is going to end up being very important. You never want to make it too long, because if you’re typing out a novel to her, that’s just going to end up making her feel awkward. Chances are, she’s just going to end up deleting it, no matter how many interesting conversation starters you tossed into the mix. You don’t want to end up overwhelming her, and that’s why you should keep it to just a paragraph.

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This means that you’ve got enough room for an introduction, and enough time to nail down something that she likes and ask her about it. Going too far into things in the first e-mail is going to just scare her off, and with the right conversation topics, you don’t need to end up writing a novel to her. For example:

“Hi, Mary. I saw that you were really into going on hikes. I personally love going outdoors, and I found this awesome cafe up on my favorite mountain trail the other day. I’d love to be able to take you there next Saturday. They have half-price appetizers!”

This is an excellent way to break the ice, and it’s going to end up already getting her thinking that you’re serious about dating her. That’s what we want! Other suggestions include telling her about a concert that you both would like, or about a beach that you’d love to visit.

These are the things you shouldn’t do.

Knowing the mistakes that you can make is equally important. These are some of the topics to avoid talking about:

1. Don’t send her a dick pic.
2. Don’t talk about sex in general, even if you are looking for sex on a dating site.
3. Don’t recommend that she meet you at your house.

If you can avoid those topics in the first e-mail that you send her, then you’re going to be golden. We also recommend avoid talking about any body parts unless it’s her eyes or her smile. Otherwise, it’s just going to come off as creepy, and obviously, you don’t want to end up scaring her off before you two have even gotten a chance to meet. That first message is going to mean a lot, so try to keep it simple, and try to think about having fun.

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How to Make a First Impression Online: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Saying

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