Is That Dating Site for Real? Spot the Signs of a Legit (and Not So Legit) Singles Site

Being able to spot a legit site in the USA and being able to spot a scam site is the most important skill you can really have in the world of online dating. You want to make sure that you aren’t falling prey to any romance scams, which can end up happening no matter where you are in America. Based on our experience, we can fortunately tell which sites are just going to end up scamming you, and which ones are legit dating sites. You don’t want to end up wasting your time with fake women!

fake sites suckYou have to stay away from fakes.

There aren’t that many true scam hookup sites out there these days, but you still need to be aware that scams can happen at any time. Even the best sites can end up having scammers slip through the cracks, and you need to make sure that you’re prepared to protect yourself and your wallet. Handing out cash online is the worst thing that you can do, and that’s why we’re here to help you and guide you away from those scenarios.

Don’t fall prey to money schemes.

Too many times, scammers will create a fake profile online and end up begging you for money. They might do this through asking for a plane ticket to come and meet you, or they might ask for you to Paypal them the cash to do it instead. Whatever the case may be, these are definitely scammers, and they aren’t going to end up dating you. These aren’t real women, and they’re often just guys posing as women to try and make a really quick buck.

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You’ll also end up seeing escorts on some sites out there. These are dating profiles that are usually made up with really photoshopped pictures, and they often have links to their escort profiles instead. These are links that you really need to avoid. We’re not saying that they’re going to be viruses, but at best they’re going to link you to a site where you have to pay for a night with one of these women. That’s illegal, by the way, no matter what city you’re in–Miami or Chicago!

Don’t believe the free signup pages.

A lot of common dating scams are just going to put up a lot of fake profiles on the front pages of their sites, all to try and entice guys into joining. While that might be a pretty good way to convince newbies, you need to remember that as an expert, we’ve seen it all. Most of the time, those profiles aren’t the women that you’re going to end up seeing anywhere on these particular sites.

That’s why you always need to sign up and keep an open mind, or make sure to always do your research beforehand. You need to make sure that you’re actually using sites that have active memberships, and are working to bring in more women in on a regular basis. If you can’t do this, then it’s going to really end up putting a damper on your chances to get a date.

All in all, if you watch your wallet and never, ever click the links that you might see floating around on these online free dating sites, you’re going to be safe and sound. Whatever you do, don’t send out money to ladies, no matter how much they beg, and don’t end up trusting the photoshopped pictures that you see. They’re probably a lie!