Reviews: Can It Deliver as a Real Hookup Site?
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On 27 October 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


Why settle for a site like this? It's generic, dull, and does absolutely nothing that other sites do better, and it also has no women to speak of. It's a waste of time. has a pretty dumb name, and it’s really trying hard to be the new, exciting dating site that everyone out there wants. That’s really not going to end up being the case here, sadly; this site is pretty dead due to a lack of marketing towards women, and every single time that we logged onto this site, all we were able to see was an ever growing population of really sad old guys lurking around the corner, trying to get a date.


Badoo just doesn’t have a lot to offer, and it looks more like a website marketing firm than a dating site. When a site is lacking anything close to a romantic, intimate feel like this one is, that’s going to end up really turning ladies off of it, and that’s why we found this site to be a total drag. It’s just empty in terms of quality women, and it’s empty in terms of any women, too. With all of that piling up around you, it’s no secret that this is the kind of site that’s only going to end up giving you a headache.

The results didn’t work out.

We tried really hard to enjoy our Badoo review, but the more time that we spent on this site, the more frustrated we became. This site isn’t really tempered for newbies, and it’s not really tempered for experts, either. The site is really based on a template that shouldn’t be used for dating sites, and that’s why spending a total of three months here and struggling to send out 140 messages ended up being way more of a pain than it ever needed to be. This site just really misses the mark.

From those 140 message, we weren’t able to get a single response back into our inbox, which really says a lot about how dead the site was as a general whole. It’s just a boring, dead in the water site, and with the serious lack of marketing that’s around on here, we really can’t even say that we’re surprised.

Getting ladies to talk to you is the first step to getting dates online, and with this particular site, it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. They really don’t care about marketing to women, or to anyone, as far as we can tell, and with that kind of a mindset, it’s never going to grow into something really exciting.

You can miss these features.

We work really hard to find sites that are going to stand out to us and give our readers a solid run in terms of dates, too, but that’s not going to end up happening here. Their features are really boring and sparse, and that means that it’s just plain hard to find ladies.

Their search feature didn’t hit the mark at all for us. As far as we could tell, it’s all about getting a geographical region, and while we’d like to find ladies in Miami sometimes, that’s not always going to be the only thing we want.

Overall, this site is just missing the mark in terms of giving us a lot of specific needs, and if you’re looking for women on a consistent basis at all, it won’t happen here.


Badoo just doesn’t deliver as a singles dating site. To find singles dating sites that actually work, read our rankings.


In our opinion, Badoo is just not going to give you the kind of consistent dates that you want, and you’re going to end up really bored. Check out our favorite site instead, It’s really designed to make it easy on you, and we’ve only had great experiences there. It rocks. Reviews: Can It Deliver as a Real Hookup Site?

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