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On 27 October 2015
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This is a hookup site that knows what it's doing: it's always working to bring fresh ladies into the community, and actively keeps its pages free and clear of scammers. is a site that stood our in our minds for a number of reasons, and all of them were surprisingly good. This site ended up being a pretty solid part of our hookup rounds, and that’s because the site is simple, well put together, and it really does speak to a large crowd of people. In our books, this makes it a site that really is worth checking out, especially if you’re a newbie on the hookup circuit.

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As we ended up tooling around NoStringsAttached, we found out that no matter where we really looked for ladies in the USA here, we were able to find them. This is because this site offers up a pretty intimate atmosphere rather than an overtly sexual one, and women are attracted to that. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking in Miami or if you’re looking in Las Vegas–there will be ladies on here, and that’s going to end up making this site a much more welcoming solution for a lot of guys that are looking for sex out there. It’s just a fun site to use, too!

You’ll enjoy these results.

The more time that we spent on our NoStringsAttached review, the more we ultimately enjoyed this site. As you start to get used to this site–and if you buy a subscription, which you should!–the more you’ll end up being able to get into the swing of the community. It has a very active, lively community on it, and it’s a lot of ladies that are really eager to hookup. After spending a total of three months here, we were able to send out a total of 140 messages and get some pretty solid results.

From those 140 messages, we had a total of 33 responses, which didn’t sound like a lot at first, but these ladies were all pretty darn serious. We usually do like to see a 50% turnaround, but with really active hookup sites like this, having a solid turnaround like this one is still acceptable. All of these women were really interested in us, too.

From those 33 responses, we had a total of 14 women that wanted to meet us for dates, and a total of 13 that showed up. These women are ones that are very serious about their fun time, and they’re very interested about being able to meet guys that are like-minded. That’s why you definitely need to spend time on a site like this one for a change–it can end up showing you a whole different side to women and their sexuality.

From those 13 ladies that showed up, a total of 9 actually hopped in the sack with us. This was really solid, and it really did keep us busy. All of these ladies were no-nonsense and really easy to chat with, and we definitely ended up having a great time with every single last one of them. That made this site really stand out in our books.

You’ll like these features.

Spending as much time on this site as we did made us realize how solid, but still simple the features are on this site. While we do recommend getting a subscription here, once you do, you’ll really be able to use everything to the fullest. It just makes this site easier, and in our opinion, that’s what really is needed when you’re trying to get laid.

The search engine picks up on a number of different options, and if you keep your profile updated on a regular basis, you’ll get pushed to the top of the search results. That makes this site a really big stand out, because it’s important to be able to easily be found by the ladies that you’re looking to sleep with.

You’ll also find that you can upload multiple pictures at once, and you’ll enjoy their chat rooms and easy to use messaging system. Basically, this is a site that makes it very easy for newbies to ease into the world of online hookups, and that’s something that we really do appreciate. This is a site that’s going to give you the solid start that you need online.


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You’ll really enjoy

From our experience on NoStringsAttached, we really do think that you’ll be able to meet some great ladies on here and have the sex that you’ve been looking for all along. These women are hot and fun, and they’re prepared to get what they want. They want to have a lot of sex without any drama, and that’s obviously the best way to go about it.

We really think that between this site and our favorite site,, you’ll be able to get the sex that you’ve been dying for. Check them both out for sure! Review: See How It Compares Online

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