Zoosk.com Reviews: Will This Online Hookup Site Really Work?
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On 27 October 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


Why waste your time struggling with a site that can barely keep itself together as far as programming goes? It doesn't want to be user-friendly, and is all the more dead for it.

Zoosk.com is a site that might have had a lot of advertising campaigns across the USA, but that doesn’t mean that if you talk to someone in say, Los Angeles, that they’ll actually know what it is. Chances are, this is a site that’s just not going to end up having a ton of ladies on it, and it’s because they really don’t push hard to get people to join. It’s supposedly free, and that’s why no one serious ever really tries to stick around.


Sites that are really offering mostly free memberships are the bane of our existence, and with sites like Zoosk, you’re just not going to end up seeing any real ladies lurking around on here for the most part. We saw a lot of bots and spammers, and that’s about it. This site has been pretty inactive in terms of solid membership for awhile, and even if people do join, they don’t stick around. That makes it an inconsistent source for meeting women, and not one that we really want to put a lot of time or stock into. It just plain doesn’t deliver.

Forget these results.

With our Zoosk review, we honestly do wish that we could end up forgetting it. This site just didn’t end up delivering, and that’s why we were so bored the whole three months that we stuck around on here. After really struggling to meet women on this site, we had to wonder–was it just us, or did the site really have some issues? Mostly, it just doesn’t advertise enough anymore, and the fact that it’s free turns us off. That’s why sending out a total of 140 messages here was honestly just a pain.

From those 140 messages, we weren’t able to get a single woman to chat back with us. This was really disheartening, but we can’t even say that we were that surprised about the state of this site. It just really didn’t come off as active from the beginning, and the more time we spent here, the less it really seemed to be impressive to us.

This site was really a waste of our time through and through, and if you’re looking for a chance to meet more women, the numbers really do point against this one. It’s just not going to deliver in our opinion, and you can end up doing much better.

Avoid these features for sure.

The more time that we stuck around trying to make Zoosk work for us, the less happy we became. This site is running off of some pretty antiquated notions about how dating sites work, and while they might have been at the top years ago, that’s not the case nowadays.

The thing is, we want more than just a really basic search engine. We want to be able to find ladies wherever we are in the USA, be it Las Vegas or anywhere else. This site just makes that pretty hard, and it’s not always narrow enough.

Because of this, we wanted an out. It’s not very populated, and it doesn’t seem like it ever will be.


Zoosk just doesn’t deliver as a singles dating site. To find singles dating sites that actually work, read our rankings.

With Zoosk.com, you’ll be disappointed.

In our opinion, this is a site that just isn’t going to deliver you the consistent results that you want. Instead of sticking around here, you can do much better, and that’s why Zoosk isn’t on our top list. Instead, check out our favorite site for dating online, which is Xpress.com. You’ll be able to see from our results how much it can help you out, so make sure to give it a fair shot.

Zoosk.com Reviews: Will This Online Hookup Site Really Work?

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