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On 27 October 2015
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This place is clearly past its prime. Dead and dormant profiles litter the site, and if they haven't been zombified by bots, they're just cluttering up your search results. is another site that has made the rounds in terms of being heavily advertised, and we’re sure that every other lady in New York has probably heard of it. That doesn’t mean that it’s the kind of site that you should be spending time on, however; just because people have heard of this site doesn’t mean that it’s any good, and like a lot of other free dating sites, it’s cluttered with a lot of old, abandoned profiles.


For us, it’s really difficult to find sites that are going to end up delivering in quality when it comes to being very old, very abandoned, and very inactive. That’s the case here, and the more time that we stuck around on here, the less we were able to find in terms of quality ladies that actually wanted to talk to us. We really had to struggle to pull women out from the woodwork here, and most of the time, we could still not get them to talk to us. This site ended up being a lot of work, and that’s not what we wanted to sign up for at all.

These results didn’t impress us at all.

We weren’t all that thrilled about our Spark review, and that’s for a good reason, we think. This is a site that’s just really lacking in terms of activity, and if you’re looking for a consistent place to get dates, it’s probably not going to end up being here. We spent a total of three months on here, and even after sending out a total of 140 messages, we were really just left bored, lonely, and without the dates that we were originally hoping to find on a site like this one.

From those 140 messages, we couldn’t get a single lady to actually chat with us. This really proved to us how dead the site was, and how little it was going to be able to push us to the top of the charts in terms of meeting our relationship goals. It just plain doesn’t work out in helping you connect to women online.

This site is basically a big time waster if you’re looking at our numbers. You’re not going to end up meeting women here because there aren’t very many active profiles, and with a low ratio, there’s only so much you can do in terms of being a talented, fun guy online.

We didn’t dig these features.

Even if you’re looking in a lot of cities across the USA, you’re just not going to end up being able to make a site work for you if it’s pretty darn inactive. That’s sadly the case here, and that’s why this is a site that’s just plain not going to end up giving you what you want.

We honestly have to say that the layout is what turns a lot of people away, considering how outdated it is. This site doesn’t end up really impressing in terms of search engines, either.

Overall, the whole feel of the site is one that’s dated and out of its league nowadays, and that’s why we have a hard time imagining it work for you.


Spark just doesn’t deliver as a singles dating site. To find singles dating sites that actually work, read our rankings.

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With Spark, we can’t imagine that you’re going to have any better luck than we did. This site is pretty darn empty, and that’s why it’s one that you can end up taking your business elsewhere with. A smart suggestion would be to our favorite site, Give it a shot, and you’re going to end up having a lot of fun that you wouldn’t ever imagine you could have. Reviews: See How It Rates as an Online Hookup Site

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