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On 27 October 2015
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This site is so dead, we were almost impressed - almost, anyway. We were mostly just bored. There's just nothing to do here, and trying is just a waste of time. is a site that definitely stood out for all the wrong reasons in our minds, and it’s mostly because this site is just a mess when it comes to attracting the ladies. It’s a very risque site, and the time that it takes to make itself look appealing to men would be much better spent in making itself look more intimate. As it is, this is a site that only turns us off by looking at it, and we can only imagine how ladies would feel with it.


As far as we can tell, they don’t even want to end up touching it with a ten foot pole. The time that we spent poking around on this site was a whole lot of nothing, and that left us feeling pretty lonely and unsatisfied. On top of just being ugly to look at, the layout is also pretty hard to use, and it’s the kind of site that’s going to end up confusing even the most site-savvy newbie. It just doesn’t work for us on a lot of levels, and we could do without it.

We weren’t into these results.

We weren’t really thrilled to sink our teeth into our LoveAholics review in the first place, but we did it anyway, wanting to make sure that we knew all there was to know about this site, and why it just plain wasn’t going to be able to give us the kinds of results that we were looking for in the first place. After three months and 140 messages, we weren’t any happier than when we started out, and we certainly weren’t happy about the numbers that we ended up receiving courtesy of that extensive review.

From those 140 messages, we weren’t able to get a single woman to talk to us, which really said a lot about the site as a whole. Just as we thought, it was completely and utterly dead, and the hope of getting any of these ladies that still had profiles up to talk to us was pretty darn slim.

It’s a disappointing time to be able to go onto a dating site and not even be able to get a single woman to chat with you. We’re the experts, so you’d think that we had better luck, but the point is–this site is just not going to have it happen for you. It’s really not good.

Forget these features, please.

It’s very important for us to be able to find a dating site that has a lot of consistent features on it, but this site just doesn’t have that at all. It’s as basic as basic gets, and even letting ladies join for free isn’t going to save this site.

We found that it was very difficult to upload photos here, and that their profiles are honestly just sparse from the beginning. This isn’t the kind of setting that we want to end up dealing with when we’re looking for a date.

We need more than this. You need more than this. There’s no point to wasting time if you can’t get a date on a site like this.


LoveAholics just doesn’t deliver as a singles dating site. To find singles dating sites that actually work, read our rankings.

You can skip out on

From our experiences on this particular site, it’s just not going to be worth it for this site to be one of those that you try to get a date on. LoveAholics isn’t any good in our opinion, but you can end up checking out our favorite site instead, It’s the best, and we’ve really had a lot of fun using it. Let it work for you, too. Reviews: Our Comparison Against Top Hookup Sites

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