POF.com Reviews: Tried & Tested Against Top Hookup Sites
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On 27 October 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


Yet another online dating site that's well past its prime. The hundreds of dead profiles seriously need cleanup, as all they serve to do is clutter your search results.

With a site like POF.com, we’re not sure how anyone could really expect much. There’s just not a lot going on here, and that’s saying something when we’re pretty patient guys. The problem with this particular site is that there just aren’t a lot of ladies here; it really doesn’t push the idea of bringing in more women, and it tries really, really hard to market itself strongly to men. That’s not exactly a tactic that’s going to work, by the way.


Any dating site online is going to need a lot of ladies joining up and spending their time there, and that’s just not something that this particular site seems like it needs to subscribe to. That’s a shame, because if this site did push for more women to join, we’d actually be able to see some solid numbers–or at least, that’s the pipe dream when combined with a serious layout makeover, and a lot of attention paid to more solid features. Overall, this site is just fairly subpar, and it really needs to work to bring itself to any semblance of good.

We didn’t care for these results.

We tried to make our POF review a solid one, but the more time we spent on this particular site, the less it was able to really prove to us. We found the three months that we stuck around on this particular dating site to be pretty darn dull and dreary, and we didn’t exactly want to come back. Sending out a total of 140 messages on this site felt more like pulling teeth than anything else, and that’s why this site just ended up falling down pretty low on our list of preferred sites.

From those 140 messages that we sent out, we were only able to end up with a total of 5 responses. That’s right, only 5, which is honestly just a travesty. This particular site completely missed the mark in terms of quality, and with low numbers like this, it really does show how inactive the site was from the very beginning.

Not a single one of those ladies actually wanted to end up giving us the time of day for a date, and none of them wanted to end up contemplating the art of showing up, we wager, if they did ask us. That’s the kind of community that this site has going on, and it’s not the kind of site that we want to keep coming back to.

These features missed the mark.

With this site, you’re just not going to get anything beyond the basics. POF has a very basic search feature and profile builder going on, but that’s honestly not enough to make it a site that we’d want to come back to in the future.

The updates here are very difficult, and that means that trying to change your profile after you’ve already set it in stone is somewhat impossible. Getting a headache over a site building app is really not something that we’re all about, by the way.

All in all, this site is just empty, and that means that there’s no point to giving yourself a headache. It’s just not going to deliver, so what’s the point?


POF just doesn’t deliver as a singles dating site. To find singles dating sites that actually work, read our rankings.

We didn’t enjoy POF.com.

With this site, we really can’t say that you’re going to be able to get the dates that you want. We personally didn’t have a great time using POF.com, and that’s why you should check out our favorite site instead, Xpress.com. We think that you’ll be able to get much better results on a site like this one.

POF.com Reviews: Tried & Tested Against Top Hookup Sites

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