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When you're looking for sites to get laid on, then you've come to the right place. If you're looking for solid places to meet women, places to get laid, and a lot of different ways to meet women...then you've come to the best place on earth, because we've got your back. We've really narrowed down […] Read More

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We tested a thousand online dating sites for singles, and the results were shocking and it's even worst on hookup websites. This is the kind of stuff that you really do need to know about if you're going to end up trying to find dates online, and fortunately, we've got all the information that you […] Read More is a site that definitely stood out for all the wrong reasons in our minds, and it's mostly because this site is just a mess when it comes to attracting the ladies. It's a very risque site, and the time that it takes to make itself look appealing to men would be much better […] Read More is another site that has made the rounds in terms of being heavily advertised, and we're sure that every other lady in New York has probably heard of it. That doesn't mean that it's the kind of site that you should be spending time on, however; just because people have heard of this site […] Read More is a site that might have had a lot of advertising campaigns across the USA, but that doesn't mean that if you talk to someone in say, Los Angeles, that they'll actually know what it is. Chances are, this is a site that's just not going to end up having a ton of ladies […] Read More is more or less the site that we've been able to see everywhere in the span of our reviews, and that's not a compliment. This site is a dating and hookup site that really does push the idea of women being able to send messages for free...but that doesn't mean that the site is […] Read More not only has a stupid name, but the site itself just doesn't look very promising. Instead of being a solid site full of a lot of opportunities, it mostly comes off as really cliche and over-sexed, which is what will drive more women away than anything. The idea that you're going to get a […] Read More has a pretty dumb name, and it's really trying hard to be the new, exciting dating site that everyone out there wants. That's really not going to end up being the case here, sadly; this site is pretty dead due to a lack of marketing towards women, and every single time that we logged […] Read More

With a site like, you're probably just going to be bored from the very start. They really do try to push the idea of their site being incredibly active and interesting, but as far as we can tell, it's just about as dead in the water as it comes. That's because they don't work […] Read More

With a site like, we're not sure how anyone could really expect much. There's just not a lot going on here, and that's saying something when we're pretty patient guys. The problem with this particular site is that there just aren't a lot of ladies here; it really doesn't push the idea of bringing […] Read More