Review: Will This Hookup Site Score You Real Dates?

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On 27 October 2015
Last modified:27 October 2016


If you're looking to find real dates online, you've definitely come to the right place. This site has a great population of eager ladies, and a solid customer support team.

Sites like don’t come around every day, especially if you’re looking for a consistent dating service that is going to help you chat with a great deal of women online. It’s easier said than done to reliably chat up ladies, and with our experience on this particular site, you’re going to find it easier than ever before. That’s because these women actually are here because they’re paying, too, and that subscription is really going to be worth it to stay in touch with them.

Stop wasting time on lesser sites. Match is here to deliver you dates.

As you browse this site, you’re going to find it entirely necessary to get that subscription to use all of these features, but remember–everyone else here is doing the same thing, so that means that they actually want to be a part of this site. They want to meet people and they want to have dates, and that’s why it’s really worth it. You’ll find that their search features are solid, their layout is easy to use, and their site has a very good ratio of women to men. It’s definitely worth that monthly price.

These results worked for us.

Spending a total of three months on our Match review really drove home how solid this site would be for us, and how much we were able to enjoy it. This is a site that definitely went above and beyond our expectations, and sending out those 140 messages to ladies that we found on here really made it worth it. The girls on here were fun, and they definitely wanted to end up going out on dates. That’s why this is a site that shouldn’t be ignored, and should be really appreciated instead.

From those 140 messages, we had a total of 101 responses, which was really awesome. We love to see over a 50% return of our messages, and this site obviously went above and beyond that. With these kinds of results, it’s hard to expect you ever wanting to go anywhere else, and yet there are sites even better than this one out there. With a subscription, however, this site is pretty hard to beat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in New York or anywhere else–getting 41 dates set up from those 101 responses is a pretty darn good ratio. These ladies were really interested in meeting up with us, and they were raring to go from day one.

From those 41 dates, we had a total of 34 actually show up, and a total of 21 actually slept with us on the first date. We didn’t even really expect that, but it definitely made this whole site worth it, and we were very excited to meet up with these ladies again in the future. This is a site that’s just going to keep on giving, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s a site that you can really count on in terms of having a lot of fun.

These are some awesome features.

We really like our dating sites to stand out in terms of solid features, and with, you’re going to end up seeing quite a bit once you end up subscribing to them. It’s definitely worth it to spend that money, because you’ll be able to message ladies freely on here, and remember, they’re paying just as much money as you are to do so.

With a paid subscription, you’ll be able to have a fully fleshed out profile, and you’ll show up on the search engines near the top. If you keep yourself extremely updated on here–which is what we really do recommend–you’re going to end up getting even more out of it, and you’ll get even more traffic in your general direction.

These ladies want to see you keeping your profile updated, and they want to see you having fun on it. Talk about yourself and the stuff that you’re into, and really be personable. Make sure that you’re smiling in your profile picture, and you’re going to be able to get even further on a site like this one. The more personable you are, the better, and the more on top of answering messages, the more likely you are to get dates. Keep that in mind.

DonReal women and real love are both waiting for you on Match.2 Head over to today and don’t wait another minute.

With, you’ll have a great time.

Based on our experiences, we really don’t think that you can go wrong with Match. This is a really solid dating site, and it has a ton of options for you once you sign up with a subscription. It’s very easy for you to use, no matter if you’re a newbie or if you’re someone that’s been around the block.

Check this site out, but don’t leave our favorite site hanging. With both of these sites underneath your belt, you’re really going to be able to meet a lot of ladies online.