Introducing Her to Your Pals: How to Make Her Just Like One of the Guys

If you’ve really been hitting it off in Miami with one of the ladies that you’ve met online, you might be worrying about how to introduce her to your friends. That doesn’t need to be a difficult task, even if you’ve been stressing over it; introducing her is no big deal, and it’s honestly no different than if you were introducing a new guy friend to your friend circle. Still, we’ve got some dating tips that can really end up helping out in this case, and making it go even more smoothly.

introduce her rightThe right tactic can help in introducing her.

When it comes to letting your guy friends know that you’ve got a girl on your arm now, expect a bit of jealousy, especially if you met her online. In this day and age, a lot of guys are also going to try and tell you that it’s nothing serious because you did meet her over the Internet, but you should just ignore them. More and more, relationships are forming through the Internet, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about there.

Let her ask questions.

Before you ever even take her to meet your friends, let her ask some questions about the guys that you know. You don’t want to let her think that you’re throwing her to the wolves. Even if you just started out meeting up for sex, that doesn’t mean that your casual relationship couldn’t turn into something more, and you might want to let her know whether or not it’s okay to tell your friends if that’s how your relationship started out. That’s something for you and her to decide, of course.

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Maybe you’ve been looking for relationships for awhile, and you’re really worried about how they’ll get along. Chances are, your girlfriend and your friends are going to end up having more overlapping interests than you previously assumed, and that’s going to make their conversations together go a lot more smoothly than you expected. Just make sure that she knows a bit about them, and how to end up getting along with them. You’ll probably not end up seeing a single hiccup, and you’ll probably be worrying for nothing.

Keep it simple.

When you’re first trying to introduce your lady friend to your group of friends, make sure that you aren’t trying to make it happen at a huge shindig. This means that trying to drag her along to a wedding is probably out, and it can end up making her feel pretty darn awkward. You want her to feel at ease, and that’s why a simple BBQ or something along those lines might be a better choice. Another idea that comes to mind is your regular game night, if she’s interested in those kinds of things.

Whatever you decide, make her feel at ease by introducing her, and helping her break the ice. Don’t hover around her through the entire evening; chances are, she’s going to be just fine in mingling and socializing. She’s a grown woman, and it’s probably not the first time that she’s met some other person’s friends, and that’s something that you’re going to want to remember before you end up getting too worried about this kind of thing.

She might be a little bit nervous, so just keep an eye out for her. At any point, if she needs a way out, make sure to offer it. Otherwise, just relax and have fun.

Introducing Her to Your Pals: How to Make Her Just Like One of the Guys

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