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On 27 October 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


These girls know what they want, and what they want is to hook up with you. It's just an amazing atmosphere here, and one that you've got to experience yourself.

Sites like definitely have a reputation, and it’s one that we personally rather enjoy. This is a site that really pushes that fun, sugar daddy culture that a lot of guys are into these days, and the girls on this site are very pushy about it, too. They know what they want, and that means that you’re going to be hopping into their territory. As far as we’re concerned, that makes a site a lot more fun, and a lot more exciting from the very beginning of it all.

Stop wasting time on lesser sites. EstablishedMen is here to deliver you dates.

Obviously, this is a female dominated site, and we couldn’t love that more. What makes a hookup site really shine is being full of ladies and having an incredibly high women to men ratio, and that’s exactly what’s going on here. They really push to let ladies join by letting them message guys for free, and that means that you’re going to end up needing a subscription to chat back with them. Don’t worry, the site is legit; our reviews prove that, and the numbers are something that made us really excited about EstablishedMen.

Our results really paid off.

We were really thrilled when it came to our EstablishedMen review, and that’s because this site had a lot to offer from day one. Sure, you’ve got to really hop into that sugar daddy persona, but if you’re okay with having a little bit of fun acting for these ladies, then you’re going to enjoy this site. We did after spending three months here, and sending out a total of 140 messages. That was definitely something that paid off–just look at these numbers.

From those 140 messages, we had a total of 47 women chat back with us, which was pretty darn solid. We like to see around a 50% return usually, but on really serious hookup sites like this, you’ll often see a lower number. It’s nothing that you should be worried about; it just means that these are the women that are honestly serious about meeting you in person.

From those 47 women, a total of 26 set up dates with us, and a total of 21 actually showed up. These were numbers that we were really getting excited about, and in general, these are the kinds of numbers that are going to push you in the right direction to getting laid. With a site like this one, getting numbers like this means that you’ve got some girls that are seriously interested in you.

From those 21 girls that showed up, a total of 20 actually hopped in bed with us. We were really happy about this, for obvious reasons, and we had a great time with every single one of them. Some of the girls are a little bit higher maintenance with this site in general, but that doesn’t mean that we’d ever skip out on an opportunity to hookup with these girls again. They were a blast.

These are features you can count on.

Even if you’re checking out this site from a busy city like Las Vegas, you should still be able to find women on here that are interested in you. That’s the sort of thing that really makes this site work for us, and it’s the sort of thing that makes us keep coming back for more.

Because this site is so active, you can trust in knowing that it’s going to keep up its advertising, and if you’re subscribing, that means that you aren’t going to have to deal with any ads that are floating around. You also get priority customer service and an upgraded messaging feature that allows you to add these ladies as your contacts. It’s like having your own little black book.

You’ll also find that these women are some of the pushiest around when it comes to hooking up. They’re really, really serious about getting laid, and if you’re us, you really appreciate that kind of response on a hookup site. We want ladies to really be into it, and we want them to keep coming back for more. For us, it makes a site really stand out, and it makes it really worth our while.


Real women and real love are both waiting for you on EstablishedMen.2 Head over to today and don’t wait another minute.

We enjoyed

EstablishedMen is a site that’s going to keep on giving good results, if our experiences are any indication. This site might require a little bit more work on your end, but as far as we’re concerned, that makes it even more worth it. These girls are hot and they know what they want, and they definitely want to end up sleeping with you.

Check out this site, and also check out our favorite site, Between these two sites, you’re going to end up really nailing it. Just make sure to get subscriptions and have a great time! Review: Can It Deliver the Hookups You Want?

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